Corbyn: Halt US Trade Talks Until NHS Off The Table


Jeremy Corbyn told the PM to halt trade talks with Trump until any reference to pharmaceuticals is struck out of the negotiating objectives with the US.

As Trump is visiting the UK on Monday evening for the NATO summit with other world leaders, Corbyn wrote to Boris Johnson in an attempt to urge ghim to give fresh reassurances about NHS privatisation.

In the past, he has repeatedly accused Johnson of preparing to sell off the NHS, and Labour activists at rallies have taken up a chorus of “Not for sale! Not for sale!”

Contrary, the PM called Labour’s claims “total nonsense”. Nevertheless, in the letter sent on Monday, Corbyn called on him to take a series of concrete steps to show he is serious.

These steps include bringing all services back in-house; repealing the Health and Social Care Act, and suspending trade talks until Washington changes its negotiating objectives.

Corbyn says Johnson should not go ahead with talks on a bilateral trade deal unless the US president excludes any reference to pharmaceuticals from negotiating plans and he is accepting the role of the regulator – the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in setting drugs prices.